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Jessica McCaffrey

IS IT SELFISH TO SELF CARE? | I've been uneasy lately regarding this term buzzing around the beauty & wellness industry. It's a pillar of my business obviously & a practice about which I care deeply - I've learned through years of experience, you really cannot pour from an empty cup, at least not without consequences. And I wholeheartedly believe being comfortable in your body, creating space & support for yourself is vital. But there is also a sense of privilege that attaches itself to the term, especially when operating a shop. In our worlds - big and small - there are so many areas we are called to show up & stand up, personally, on a family & community level as well as politically. Is it selfish to self care amidst it all? The answer is no - it's absolutely essential, as womanist, poet & activist Audre Lorde put it so well. However, I want to be cautious, as a person & business not to shy away from this questioning perspective while recognizing the different facets of self care beyond an "industry" term. If you've read this far (THANK YOU) it's a bit liberating to get that out of my head.